Longing for Equity in a World Saturated by Greed
by Lola Lorne

Winds of change, come quick, I beg
This world needs reshaping from its sorry state

Dethrone the barons, their wealth ripped from oil
Elevate the working class that they should not break with their toil

Day in and day out, constant and unending
They scrimp and save with the hope for the future bending

But every penny gathered eventually bleeds away
Taken by governments and businessmen who care not in any way

They tell you to be thrifty, they tell you not to splurge
But lifetimes seep by without a single fulfilled urge

They will shove celebrity health gossip into your face
Manipulating you to forget reality, and care about their fate

The ‘poor’ wealthy, the tragic stars
Are closer to being  theirs than ours

The rich have shaped the world into their home
The only freedom ever gained shall be their own

Another year passes, yet again a dream turns to despair
Every saving and effort siphoned into medicine and care

I watch my father slowly suffocate
Told to be grateful to the government
While I drown in their tangle of red tape
Knowing with a heavy heart, any aid to be too late

So, winds of change, come quick, I beg
Lest I tear out their hearts in your stead
Winds of change, come quick, I beg
For I will do what I must to keep myself fed.

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